Taster Sessions & Other Services

Taster Sessions & Group Bookings

Taster Sessions and Group Bookings are available at various dates and times, weekdays and weekends, by arrangement.

The minimum duration for sessions is 2 hours and it can be increased in 30 minute increments if desired.

The current rate for 2 hours is £90 per person, £40 per person per hour thereafter.

Group prices may be available, min 3 participants.
Children’s rates (8 – 15 years) can be negotiated – please ask.

We can also offer Birthday Experiences, Alternative Hen/Stagg Experiences (no alcohol), Team Building Sessions and Refresher/Development Courses.

Kiln Space Rental

Our kiln is propane-fired and has a capacity of around 11 cubic feet.

Whilst we try to oblige whenever possible, it’s not always realistic to fire individual pieces or small quantities of work on request.

If you have firing requirements, you’ll need to be aware that pottery is generally fired twice; an initial bisque firing and a follow up glaze firing.

Different types of clay (clay ‘bodies’) require different firing temperatures and both over and under-firing are a risk to both the work and potentially the kiln and so must be avoided.
The kiln atmosphere is also a consideration when glaze firing (neutral, oxidisation or reduction).

Our bisque is fired to Orton Cone 07 (980c).
Our glaze firings are taken to around 1285c, Orton Cone 9/10.

We fire in a reduction atmosphere.
Our standard firings are unsuitable for terracotta or earthenware pieces.

Alternative firing temperatures and atmospheres are available only if customers are able to fill the entire kiln.
Firing a less than well—filled kiln is uneconomical and unlikely to result in anything approaching a successful outcome.

We ask a security deposit when firing work by other makers. This is to cover losses should any damage occur to either other makers’ work or to kiln shelves, which are prohibitively expensive to replace.

Please contact Andy directly, ideally by phone, if you have any enquiries regarding kiln space. 07505 113 836